2020 Camden Art Centre – We Found Our Own Reality exhibition with London Borough of Culture
2020 Berghain – Performance as emptyset for Transmediale 2020
2019 Spike Island – AMRA live performance
2018 Cork Street – Annotated Reader exhibition curated by Ryan Gander & Jonathan P. Watts
2018 Black Tower Projects – Link Zone group exhibition and performances
2018 South London Gallery – Performance programme curated by PS/Y
2018 Arebyte Gallery – Infinite Multiple editions launch
2017 Exo Exo – Mothership group exhibition curated by Clearview Ltd
2017 Austrian Cultural ForumOnly Human group exhibition curated by Laura Prime
2017 Art Night London – Boiler Room curated by Carsten Nicolai
2016 Serpentine Gallery – Performance for Miracle Marathon
2016 Bergen Assembly – Bergen triennial commission curated by freethought
2016 Kettle’s Yard – Into Boundless Space I Leap group exhibition
2016 OneMinutes – Yes Screaming No touring video programme curated by Cécile B. Evans
2015 Wysing Arts Centre – Full Sequence Learning residency event
2015 Outpost – Members Show group exhibition curated by Nik Void
2015 Situations – Performance for Theaster Gates Sanctum
2015 Karst – Artists’ film/video programme curated by Jordan Baseman

2017 – Present: Somerset House – Studio residency
2017 David Roberts Art Foundation – DRAF Studio residency
2015 Wysing Arts Centre – Multiverse programme

2019 – Present: AMRA performance collaboration with Imran Perretta
2010 – Present: Emptyset sound/performance project with James Ginzburg, emptyset.org

2021 Elephant Magasine – Robert Rauschenberg Mud Muse Text
2020 BBC Radio 3 – Electronic India documentary
2019 Urbanomic/MIT Press – Unsound: Undead publication edited by Audint
2018 Banner Repeater – De-Leb collective writing platform
2014 Transmediale/CTM Catalogue – Revisionist Audio essay
2013 UbuWeb – Cybernetic Serendipity audio archive
2013 Audimat Publication – Digital Audio essay text for Audimat 0

2021 Design Museum – Electronic Online talk
2019 Tate Modern – Unsound:Undead presentation & reading
2016 Banner Repeater – Thinking Through the Block
2015 Spike Island – Charlotte Prodger 8004-8019 exhibition tour
2014 Eastside Projects – ESP/1-2-1 Talks series
2013 UCL Urban Laboratory – Sonic Architecture talk

Curated Projects
2018 Wysing Polyphonic – Annual festival at Wysing Art Centre
2018 Open Sound – Selected performance programme for Outpost
2017 Casa Delirium – London based event series various locations
2013 Signal – Bold Tendencies – Mark Titchner, John Latham, Ulla von Brandenburg, Mark Pilkington, Hanna Sawtell, Laura Buckley
2013 Waveform Expansion – Arnolfini – Carsten Nicolai, Lis Rhodes, Semiconductor, Norman McLaren, Len Lye
2012 RecurrenceFärgfabriken – Group exhibtion including Tom Richards, Damien Roach, Rose Kallal, Tanya Byrne & Peder Mannerfelt
2012 De La Warr Pavilion – Performance programme for Cerith Wyn Evans exhibition
Contributions from Chris Carter & Cosey Fanni Tutti, Russell Haswell, Nic Bullen, EVOL, Helm
2011 Tetragram for Gathering – Detroit Stockholm – Co-curated with Joe Coppard
Exhibition including Jimmy Merris, LuckyPDF, Anna Lundh, James Howard, Joseph Waller
2011 Vortex Revisions – Tate Britain – Event for Restless Times Art in Britain 1914-1945
Including Cyprien Gaillard, Bruce Gilbert, Aida Ruilova, Mark Dean, John Russell, Hannah Perry
2011 We Can Elude Control – Bold Tendencies – Performance programme with Mark Fell, Tom Richards, Mick Harris (Napalm Death)
2010 Narcissus Trance – E:vent Gallery / Spike Island – Co-Curated with Shama Khanna
Exhibition including Tom McCarthy, Mark Titchner, Wade Guyton, Rose Kallal & Mark Beasely, Takeshi Murata